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In 1947, a young family member was suffering from joint pain, the Jacuzzi brothers responded with the development of the J-300™ hydrotherapy pump, which turned any normal bathtub into a relaxing and rejuvenating hydrotherapeutic spa. Overwhelming demand for the pump led to the founding of Jacuzzi Inc. in 1956, and the whirlpool bathing category was born.

Through the 60s and 70s, the company led and grew the new industry, first by integrating pumps and jets into the bath, and then by offering multiple sizes for individuals, couples, and families. Meanwhile, the company’s patented jets, with their unique air-water ratio, provided bathers an optimal hydromassage experience for the first time.

To support the growing demand for Jacuzzi® Products, a few of the brothers relocated to Brazil and to their hometown of Valvasone, Italy to share the benefits of hydrotherapy and well-being globally.

In the 80s, Jacuzzi launched the Cambiotub, the first bath that worked both indoors or outdoors. And with family-sized outdoor tubs came the advent of a new industry: portable hot tubs. Soon, the Jacuzzi name became synonymous with jetted hydrotherapy, whether indoors or out.

Today, Jacuzzi continues its legacy of innovation and leadership with breakthroughs like the CLEARRAY® water management system, which dramatically reduces the need for chemicals, and the PowerPro® Jet system, which provides the finest hydromassage experience ever.

This is our history – and the legacy we honor with every new Jacuzzi® Brand product.

Warranty Information

When shopping for a hot tub, consider the warranty.  Jacuzzi brand hot tubs feature limited warranties for up to 10 years, versus other brands who are only guaranteed for 1 to 2 years! In addition, Jacuzzi’s network of technicians and your authorized Jacuzzi Springfield dealer are standing by to ensure years of worry-free enjoyment. VIEW WARRANTY OPTIONS