Bluestone Indoor Sauna


Hemlock Fir Finish: $3,339.00

Nordic Spruce Finish: $3,339.00

Our saunas are available in a variety of lumber options: Clear Western Red Cedar, Rustic Western Red Cedar, Nordic Spruce and Hemlock Fir. These are our preferred lumber choices because they are all naturally resistant to rot, decay, and mildew, making them great for either outdoor or indoor application. They carry no harmful toxins or respiratory discomfort, which is an important feature due to the extreme temperature of a sauna.

The Bluestone is one of the most space-efficient models in the Almost Heaven Indoor Sauna collection. It comes with multi-level interior seating for 2–3 individuals and full-length glass panels on the front of the sauna give it an open, spacious feel. For a deeply renewing sweat bathing experience in any home, the Bluestone Sauna is an excellent choice.

Each Almost Heaven Sauna comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects on all components. We will replace any component of the sauna room that fails due to manufacturing defect at no charge to you, in accordance with our Limited Warranty.


  • Capacity: 2-3 Persons
  • Heater: 4.5kw stainless steel water-over-rocks steam heater
  • Electrical: 220v, 30amp service for heater; 10/2 hard-wire connect; 110v, 15amp for light
  • Exterior Dimensions: 70″L x 47″W x 80″H
  • Interior Dimensions: 65″L x 42″W x 77″H
  • Upper Bench Size: 65″L x 22″ W
  • Lower Bench L Extension Size: 20″L x 15″W
  • Door Size: 64″H x 24″W
  • Window Size: 64″H x 9″W
  • Shipping Size: 74″L x 40″W x 40″H
  • Assembled Weight: 515
  • Shipping Weight: 700 lbs.


Note: All dimensions are approximate






Sauna Features

  • Tongue-and-Groove Hemlock and Fir Softwood: 1-3/8” finished thickness
  • Western cedar accents
  • Pre-assembled wall and roof sections
  • Utilizes existing concrete, ceramic, vinyl, laminate or tile flooring (carpet not recommended)
  • Tempered glass door
  • Stainless steel hinges, heater and fasteners
  • Interior LED light; 110v plug-in
  • 1 full length bench, 1 shorter bench, multi-level seating
  • Indoor usage
  • Includes bucket, ladle and thermometer/hygrometer
  • Hand-crafted construction
  • Easy assembly for 2 people
  • Made in the USA
  • All dimensions are approximate

Product Description

The 2–3 person Bluestone Sauna is a compact, space-efficient model, perfect for settings where space is at a premium. It features multi-level seating — a long upper bench for sitting or reclining and a short lower bench as well. The full-glass front helps open up the interior of the sauna and communicates a sense of space. The Bluestone is designed as a free-standing sauna and will utilize your existing floor as the interior floor of the sauna. Suitable existing flooring includes concrete, ceramic, vinyl, laminate, tile or other solid floors. Carpeting is not recommended. This U.S.-made sauna is easy to assembly and easy to operate.

Our West Virginia craftsmen select only the finest sections of thick, solid hemlock and fir for the construction of this sauna, and you’ll also notice that we include Western red cedar in places to provide that distinctly pleasing aroma. Additionally, all of the hardware and fasteners are made from premium stainless steel, and the glass we use is thick and tempered because every detail matters.

The Bluestone comes with a 4.5kw electric heater, including stones, bucket, ladle, and thermometer/hygrometer for a complete bathing experience. A good rule of thumb is that the sauna will reach 150F in about 30 minutes and 190–195F in less than an hour, creating a paradise of heat and steam in no time.

In keeping with traditional sauna practice, you may enjoy either a dry or a wet sauna experience in the Bluestone. The renewing warmth of a sauna carries with it many proven health benefits including congestion relief, sore muscle relief, and improved skin tone. But perhaps most importantly, the Bluestone Sauna provides an in-home escape, an oasis of deep relaxation and ease.


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